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Public Forum Sparks Interest in Local History

The public history forum in Strong (8-16-2103) attracted a good crowd of citizens interested in local history.  A lively discussion was held about historic Hillsboro, Strong and the environs of both communities.  The SAHF would like to thank our co-host Dorathy Boulden (Barton...

Gettysburg Screening A Success

A crowd of around 30 people attended the screening of the MGM Battle of Gettysburg documentary film on Monday 22 July 2013.  The 1950's short subject film was nominated for two academy awards in 1955.  The film was followed by additional remarks from the SAHF director,...

Preservation Society draws excellent crowd

State Archaeologist Ann Early drew a wonderful crowd of almost 30 patrons at the Monday meeting.  She gave an excellent presentation regarding the Caddo Indian nation and its culture, history, etc.  We hope that Dr. Early will return again next May!  See also the photo in...

School age art contest winners - Mayhaw Festival

Mayhaw Festival -- art contest winners (by age/grade)

8th grade ---

1. Clayton Bolding

2. Annabelle Rogers

3. Airam Sanchez

5-6 Grade ---

1. Tallyn Hughes

2. Trinity Caver

3. Allie Rogers

4th Grade ---

1. Kathryn...

Reynolds Lecture Draws Great Crowd

The April Preservation Society meeting attracted a great crowd of over 25 people.  Rob Reynolds discussed the impact of technological developments in the last 30 years on the oil drilling industry.  The presentation was both entertaining and informative.  Many participants noted...

Speakers Series Program

The March 12th Speakers Series program attracted 48 patrons.  Our thanks to SouthArk (our co-sponsor) for their assistance.  Also our thanks to the speaker, Dr. Ben Johnson and to the Arkansas Humanities Council for their funding and ongoing support.  Join us again in the fall for...

February Preservation Society meeting

The screening of "The Bombing of Germany" was well attended.  Included in the event patrons were two World War II veterans: Charles E. Wilson and Harold Hyman.  Mr. Wilson served in the Army Air Corp in the European Theatre and Mr. Hyman (also Army Air Corp) served in the Pacific...

Dr. Trey Berry at Preservation Society

Dr. Trey Berry (SAU) gave an insightful lecture on the Dunbar-Hunter Expedition at the January meeting of the Preservation Society.  Our thanks to Dr. Berry for taking the time to discuss this early event in Arkansas' history.

Keeping History Alive 2012

Over 100 patrons enjoyed the humorous lecture by Tom Whitehead, biographer of primitive artist Clementine Hunter.  The lecture by Mr. Whitehead focused on the 2011 forgery case involving a married couple in Baton Rouge who were convicted of forging Hunter's works.  The November...

Christmas Open House 2012

Images of the 2012 Christmas Open House.  A great crowd of almost 200 people attended this year's event.  A special thanks to all of our volunteers and to the NW Elementary School Choir.