Mayhaw Festival
May 5, 2018

South Arkansas Historical Preservation Society
The South Arkansas Historical Preservation Society (SAHPS) puts on the Mayhaw Festival in El Dorado, Arkansas, on the first weekend of May. Organized in the 1970’s, the South Arkansas Historical Preservation Society, Inc.has been dedicated to educating the public about Arkansas’ rich history for over 30 years. Its most important project has been the restoration and preservation of the Newton House Museum. Restoration work was completed in 1983, allowing the public a glimpse of life in 19th century Arkansas. With the Newton House as its focal point, this not-for-profit foundation continues to promote the study of the history of southern Arkansas, Union County and El Dorado.

The Preservation Society

The Preservation Society was created in 2009 to act as the Friends support organization for the SAHPS and its activities.  Membership in the society supports the preservation of the Newton House Museum and the educational programs regularly offered under the society’s banner.  Recent educational programs have included lectures on the oil & gas industry, the War Between the States, disenfranchisement legislation, 19th century southern ghost towns, and regional archaeological discoveries.
To learn more about the SAHPS and the Preservation Society, visit the SAHPS website.

Jack Wilson, Business Manager
Paula Kinnaird, Office Manager
Cindy Hobbs, Accounting
Darrin Riley, Research
Mallory Slaughter, Archives

Board of Directors

Diane Alderson, Chairman
John Thomas Shepherd, Vice Chairman
Teresa Botner, Secretary
William Campbell,Treasurer

Board Members
Charlotte Baine
Dorathy Boulden
Courtney Crotty
Jay Helm
Candi Mattocks
John A. Moore
Ken VanHook
Bob Watson, Sr.
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